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THE RR is a music production and DJ duo with live performance elements synthesized by Ryohei (Japan) and Riu (Portugal) in 2021.

Coming from an eclectic musical background in grunge, metal, psytrance, and funk, Riu performed in many events at outdoor raves, squats, and clubs in Portugal since 2007 before moving to Japan in 2009. With around 40 songs released, he ran a record label until 2018 and resurfaced in 2021 with THE RR. Ryohei started DJing in Tokyo in 2011. His passion for music and obsession with DJing drove him to L.A. in 2014 where he DJ’d in many clubs and events until 2017 when he returned to his home base Tokyo (mention One’s).

Ryohei and Riu fuse their distinct approach to dance music in THE RR, blending TECHNO rhythms and melodies that swell into a composition of catchy grooves. The nitty-gritty of live performances lies in Ryohei layering beats with his unique craft while Riu slams guitars and various synths freestyle, while both of them trigger several sounds on the sampler in real time.