1. 01. AFE 0:17
  2. 02. Egyro 0:21
  3. 03. PK Now 0:17
  4. 04. PK Shuffle 0:18
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Release Date : November 27, 2022
Format : Digital Download

AFE is the first EP release by The RR. Inspired by the first COVID lockdown in 2022 in Tokyo, well not really inspired but, AFE drops four tracks. Each track is unique yet carries the origin of THE RR vibe. The first track, AFE, revolves around a huge bass with a hypnotic melodic theme. Egyro features Egyptian sounding guitars over a trance-tinted rolling bass. PK Now booms a heart-trembling bassline with Indian chants. PK Shuffle shuffles a deep bass with a percussive beat.